The Brains Behind the Brand

I would say what drives me in life and my craft is the hunger to overcome a hurdle a difficulty, a problem a challenge. When I have an idea which seem hard to actualize and people are discouraging that’s when i am more motivated to keep pushing no matter how long it takes in order to actualize what I have in my imagination

Christine Kato......

Women should see themselves for the magnificent beings they have been created to be. They must tap into their potentials and transform it in power and they must learn to embrace their true uniqueness and love themselves. A woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows her power to chase her dreams and soar high!

Christine Kato......

Anyone who knows me knows I'm stubborn. I go for what I want! I fight for what I believe in! I'm an artist! I love what I do! I am unique! I am bold and daring! The more attacks I receive, the more I'm motivated I am to push on. This is my world I rule it!

Christine Kato......

I have always been hungry for an era I have never known; for some strange reason I always feel I don't belong here; like I belong in another age another time another era; the clothes, the music; the accents, TV in black and white, Why God Why? I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming my life away.......

Christine Kato......

Its 10th October officially world mental health day!!! This leads me to talk about my endless battle with anxiety/ depression; the past week has been challenging; being hospitalized, having to drag myself out of bed; go for business meetings; do interviews.. — This life is filled with ups and downs but no matter how you feel you got to wake up, get dressed, deliver! Live your purpose!

Christine Kato......


  • I was named after an American missionary (Christine Oswald) who was my mother’s foster mother. I never met her though; she died of cancer in 2004.
  •  I was born May 2nd 1994(Taurus).
  • Tribe Kataf/ Fulani (Northern Belle).
  • My favorite season is winter… I find peace in Storm.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla.
  • My favorite musical instrument is the Saxophone(Very Sensual).
  •  My favorite colour is black. I like darker colour shades.
  • I am a melancholy-choleric.
  • My favorite animals are cats.
  • Favorite food is French fries
  • I love Lana Del Rey.
  • Music and movie genre 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s
  •  I say more No’s than yes
  • Favorite cartoon The Powerfuff Girls
  • Favorite movie “The Sound of Music.
  •  I hate sports.
  • My favorite time of the day is at night.
  • I am an animal right activist.
  •  If you ever disrespected me and I stayed Cool calm and collected “DONT TRUST ME
  • The best day of my life is “yet to come”

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